The 49ers will win/lose against the Packers if... After the Arizona Cardinals game

#1 von liny195 , 30.11.2018 10:16 , you wouldn’t be off-base to predict the 49ers didn’t win a single game for the rest of the season. While the mantra of “any given Sunday” can apply to the 49ers in 2018—which couldn’t be applied in 2017 B.G.(Before Garoppolo)—they still have an uphill battle to win another game. The Packers were once on an equal level with roster talent, but now they are going through their own issues with play-calling, coaching, and their quarterback’s knee getting crunched. Aaron Rodgers vanished from the injury report Saturday, so the aforementioned knee injury may no longer be an issue—we’ll see. That doesn’t take away from the fact the 49ers are up against an elite quarterback who, while has a slightly nerfed receiver corps from prior years, can still be deadly. The 49ers will win if... Rodgers’ knee is apparently not an issue if it’s not showing up on the injury report. I’m sure it’s still something keeping him immobile. If the 49ers defense can take advantage of that and apply pressure, this will make things difficult. Sacks are overrated? They can prove it here by getting to him, getting pressure and forcing him to throw the ball while not on the run. Rodgers has a knack for extending plays with his legs, if the 49ers can take advantage of a slow-moving Rodgers , they might have a chance to sludge that offense and maybe take advantage. The 49ers will lose if...The Packers receiving corps let go of the reliable Jordy Nelson, but two names are nothing but scary: Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham. The latter doesn’t strike as much fear as he did in prior years, but he’s still a threat. And this is the 49ers defense we’re talking about here. If Rodgers can get those two moving, the defense isn’t going to be able to keep up. Sure, there’s Geronimo Allison who’s made a name for himself and Randall Cobb, but they are both game-time decisions. The threats are Adams and Graham. If the defense can’t shut those two down (or just let one one wild) there’s no chance. What do you think will be the reasons the 49ers will win/lose? It’s been a brutal week in California, as wildfires have been raging around the state. In northern California, Butte County continues to deal with the Camp Fire, which destroyed the town of Paradise, and firefighters continue to try and contain.The fire has impacted people across the state Cheap Solomon Thomas Jersey , including those connected to the San Francisco 49ers. The team’s assistant strength coach Shane Wallen saw his family’s home burned down in Paradise, and the mother of beat writer Matt Maiocco lost her home as well. Additionally, 49ers Hub writer Jay Moore and his family lost their home and all their possessions.The 49ers organization is stepping up amidst the devastation. The team named the North Valley Community Foundation as the recipient of proceeds from it’s 50/50 Raffle during tonight’s Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants. The 50/50 raffle has half the net proceeds for the game-day raffle go to the winning ticket-holder and half the net proceeds go to a different charity each week. The 49ers announced they will provide a dollar for dollar match for the contributions raised by fans during the game.Additionally, six players will donate autographed, game-worn jerseys from tonight’s game to be auctioned off. When the link to bid is live, I’ll drop it in here.The 49ers are conducting an internal employee collection drive for essential items to support the community, and, “will continue to monitor the situation in Butte County and surrounding areas during this devastating time, and are prepared to take further action as more specific needs on the ground emerge.”Finally, the 49ers also invited out the Paradise High School football team for tonight’s game. Many of the players lost their homes in the fires 49ers Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , and were forced to forfeit their playoff game last week.The team said these are “initial plans,” so I imagine there will be more coming from the organization in the days and weeks ahead. Personally, I would love to see all the owners of California major league sports teams making donations independent of these kinds of things. What the 49ers are doing tonight is important and will raise much needed money, but considering the kind of wealth in California, particularly in Silicon Valley, we need to see more people stepping up to help these devastated communities.

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