Running For Weight Loss

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Running is the best weight loss exercise for most people. It doesn't require a specific venue. It doesn't require extra equipment. Just have a pair of running shoes that suits you. You can take tens of minutes or an hour in a day. There are many friends lose weight through running. They are ordinary office workers who work day after day, either in the business world or in the government department. The actions of people from all walks of life have fully confirmed that running is the easiest exercise. More than that, they choose buy weight loss supplement for a further result.

Everyone has seen track and field competitions, have seen the body of long-distance runners, and understand the physique of sprinters. The long-distance runners are slender and have no explosive power of sprinters, but they have the endurance of high-speed endurance. The sprinters are strong and full of body. Muscle, but lack of endurance. Therefore, many people think that the reason why long-distance runners are thin is because they have a long running distance. Therefore, in many folk theories, it is said that running must take more than 40 minutes to lose weight. In fact, this is very one-sided.

Because most runners don't experience speed training like professional athletes, the main exercise method for ordinary runners is jogging. It won't last long after a little faster. Although they can run out of speed, they can't stick or can't train more times. There is no weight loss effect, so there are many runners who can't lose weight efficiently because of the lack of comprehensive ability of speed endurance. This is why many running friends are getting more and more fat, or just going through with less food consuming with Fat loss ultimately depends on the difference between calories burned and calories ingested. Long-distance running coach Pete Fifi Singh said: "Higher intensity exercise can better lose weight because more calories are used every minute. New Mexico University researchers compare jogging and fast running with test subjects and conclude that:" At higher intensities, subjects burn more calories and more calories.

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