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Styles and uses of outdoor furniture are similar to interior decoration. Right from the 18th century to the 21st century outdoor benches Chad Kelly Broncos Jersey , chairs and hanging furniture has seen plenty of changes, but the basic idea is to improve the level of comfort as well as add attractiveness. After a cool winter staying indoors, it is time to enjoy the outdoor air and enjoy the blooming spring flowers and trees. You can create a calming environment in your back yard or on the patio. Use garden seats, cushions or throws in the garden to add a decorative touch.

Secret garden

Transform an outdoor garden section and convert it into an oasis, where summer stories or family get together can be enjoyed. Make use of Bright and bold coloured throws and cushions in different complementary hues can make an impact. With lots of vivid colours found in nature bright patterned cushions will not look strange against vibrant green trees.

Seating ideas

In spring Brendan Langley Broncos Jersey , you can sit outdoors and soak some sun. Weekends are the best days to nap in sunshine or sit in a cosy chair enjoying coffee early in the morning or swing under a gazebo. You will find myriads of seating options, just be innovative and creative.

Outdoor garden seats hollowed out in old trees date back to Greek and Roman era. The Italian Renaissance introduced patio furniture crafted from cast iron. Later in the early stages of twentieth century, garden benches made from marble, stone, terra cotta Carlos Henderson Broncos Jersey , wood and wrought iron became popular as outdoor seating.

Today, you can buy a range of garden seating styles ranging from hanging egg-shaped chairs to wicker armchairs and sofas to cushions and throws. Coordinate the outdoor cushions using different colours, patterns, and styles. Make sure to use removable seat pads for easy washing.

Different garden seating styles and ideas

Garden benches

While selecting garden benches there are several things to consider the space, purpose Demarcus Walker Broncos Jersey , material, budget, and preference.

• Split log benches

Split log benches are ideal for country or cabin-style home. They neatly fit around the tree trunk, thus maximizing garden space. It gives a rustic feel to the surrounding.

• Floating wooden bench

A floating wooden bench built in a hollow patio lets you rest or lie down calmly in the middle of lush green garden rather than above it.

• Wrought iron or wood park bench

Colourfully painted iron or wood park bench adds colour and seating arrangement to the garden. Position the bench appropriately to enjoy the greenery.

Garden chairs

Traditional garden chairs, recliners Justin Simmons Broncos Jersey , and rocking seats help to relax in the lovely garden, after weeding the beds, trimming the hedges, and potting the flowers. For maximum comfort you can get a plethora of folding garden chairs that folds for easy storage. These are easy to expand and set up. They are durable and strong.

1. Picnic chairs
2. Relaxers
3. Loungers
4. Armchairs
5. Recliners
6. Footrests

The chairs include washable garden seat pads, which always keeps it fresh looking. Buy matching cushions to improve the look of the patio seating area.

Garden sofas

Garden sofas add luxury similar to indoor seating. They are made from weather-proof material for durability.

• White cushioned armless sofa

Wooden armless sofa with white cushions arranged under a covered pergola sets the mood. A couple of plush throw pillows can make the sofas more comfy.

• White sofa with black stripped pillows

You can create an oasis in the corner of your large backyard with privacy screen Jake Butt Broncos Jersey , while kids run in the remaining part of the yard. A white sofa or bench with black stripped pillows and several white colour plush throw pillows can look awesome.

Swing or hanging seats

Garden hammocks and swing seats are available in variety of styles ranging from wooden to woven.

• Hammock (free standing style)

Choose an eye-catching hammock to relax outdoors or catch some sun or enjoy brief noon siesta or read. What a way to enjoy!

• Hanging tree swing

A sturdy tree in your yard allows hanging a large wooden swing. Recline, feel the breeze, and rock gently.

• Hanging wicker egg chairs

Wicker egg chairs hang similarly like a swing hung from

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