Keep Your Website Fresh with Blog Content??

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My topic is b2b promotional examples. When companies first launch their website, all of the pages and content look fresh and interesting to search engines. This “freshness boost” helps you soar in rankings when people are searching on your products or services. After time however, that ranking boost can decrease when your site becomes stagnant. To counteract this, you can go through and rewrite content for pages you may have already worked on, add new pages on products, or refresh meta information. This may not always be prudent, however. Instead, having a blog on your site that is consistently updated alerts search engines new activity is occurring on your site on a regular basis, encouraging their search engine robots to continue coming back to the site and indexing all of your pages. Essentially, blogs and new blog posts keep your site fresh, and your rankings on the upward trend. Is this right information? I didn't get the right solution.
please help.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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