Are these islands bike friendly?

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I'm looking into renting a scooter or quad on the Greek islands. All of the forum posts about this seem a few years old, so just checking if the info has changed at all. Are these things that are easy to learn how to use? And relatively safe as long as you aren't whipping around turns? Do I need to get some sort of international license here in the US to bring with me? Alternatively, what about renting a normal bicycle? Are these islands bike friendly? I went through a site Covoco but did not find anything . It seems like there are buses that are relatively cheap that take you between cities, but it could be fun to rent a bike/scooter/quad to be able to explore on my own. And then is it easy to take these things on a ferry if I wanted to go over to Antiparos?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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