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As many men know , bodies change dramatically during puberty. But once a man reaches a certain age, all that is behind him – right? A man makes a point of engaging in top-notch member care and feels quite assured that all is well. But what happens when that man has a nighttime release, colloquially known as a ‘wet dream’? Is that an indication of something going wrong?

Much of the concern stems from the relatively private nature of wet dreams. Most men simply don’t talk about them. In fact, some men might have experienced wet dreams numerous times over the years and worried about what it might mean, but never felt comfortable enough to ask someone about it.

Good news – here’s a rundown of the most common worries and myths about wet dreams , so men can put their manhood worries to bed…so to speak.

1. Are wet dreams normal? A man who has a wet dream is often quite surprised by it. It’s one thing if he has a dream that leads to the discharge of seed; it’s quite another if he doesn’t even remember the dream! Despite what many men might have been led to believe, wet dreams are not a perversion, or are they unnatural in any way. It is simply a sensual release through the lightest of stimulation.

2. Do wet dreams mean an aversion to coupling? Some men might believe having wet dreams means they are averse to sensual activity with their partner, especially if they have that wet dream while their partner slumbers beside them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Wet dreams are simply a function of the body, one that a man is not aware is happening. It doesn’t have any underlying psychological issues tied to it.

3. Why do wet dreams feel so ‘wrong’? Even the most open-minded man might feel a sense of worry , confusion and even downright disgust when he realizes he has experienced a wet dream. This feeling often takes men completely by surprise. Though there could be many reasons for these strange feelings, it most likely stems from a loss of control: A man’s body has just done something that he didn’t direct it to do, and he had no control over it happening.

4. Do wet dreams mean a man needs more stimulation? Anecdotal evidence says that a man who has abstained from coupling or solo play for a while is more likely to have a wet dream. This makes sense, because the manhood is probably much more sensitive from lack of fondling. However, this isn’t true for all men , as some will have wet dreams no matter how much coupling they have, while others will have no wet dreams at all, even if they are abstaining from sensual fun.

5. Are wet dreams a health problem? The answer to this one is a resounding NO. In fact, just the opposite is true; the wet dreams prove that a man’s body is doing what it should, producing plenty of seed and getting excited to a point of releasing it. The shock of a wet dream might be enough to make a man believe something is wrong , but this is definitely not the case. Even so, a man who continues to worry about this can visit his doctor to make sure all is well.

Good member care for peace of mind

Whether a man deals with wet dreams or not, it’s important to keep the manhood in top shape. A man can ensure this by daily use of a high-quality male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A crème that contains vitamin A for anti-aging and odor control, as well as vitamin B5 for maintenance of healthy tissue is great. Amino acids designed to enhance and restore health to the skin are also recommended. Great nutrients in a Shea butter and vitamin E base , applied directly to the skin for maximum absorption, can help ensure a man has the healthiest manhood possible.
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